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MantleLetter October 2022

MantleLetter October 2022

The Month of October saw development progress continue, specifically with the Mantleplace platform in preparation for the launch. Early versions of Mantleplace included partial functionality, including:

MantlePlace v0.1.4-alpha:

The month of October also marked 6 months of AssetMantle!
Check out the 6-month recap of development here.

These more recent improvements make it clear that the team is on track to deliver on the roadmap and launch the complete Mantleplace in the coming weeks. In addition, October saw $MNTL listed on MEXC whilst the team held several Twitter spaces to keep the community updated. The Mantle team also introduced several new genesis creators via Twitter.

Key Statistics 📈:

As you can see from the graphic below, several key metrics improved; in particular, AssetMantle saw growth in the Telegram community alongside the number of on-chain tractions, which rose to 5.3Million. The combination of increased social activity and an increase in the on-chain metrics is an incredibly positive sign for the Mantle community moves closer to launching the Mantleplace platform.

Community Updates 🌏:

- 10/03 The Mantle team concluded the naming of the mascot competition. The community chose the name ‘Mint-E.’

- 10/05 The Mantle team held a community call to discuss upcoming developments.  

- 10/07, AssetMantle was featured in the Cosmos ecosystem news for the high staking APR on $MNTL tokens.

- 10/08 The community games kicked off with smash-karts

- 10/13 The second round of community games commenced with Poker

- 10/20 The Mantle team & Deepanshu Tripathi joined several open source contributors from the community classroom to support new developers on their journey to get started with their own projects.

-10/27 The third and final round of the community games kicked off with the trivia round.

- 10/28 Lumos Labs flagship hackathon: #BUIDLForWeb3, of which AssetMantle is an associate sponsor, has received an overwhelming response with over 6,000 registrations. You can find out more about the event & register here:

🌐 https://t.co/x2qZki1xvG

Development & Integration updates ⚙️:

- 10/07 The Mantle team released the Quarterly report; here, Mantlers can take an in-depth look at significant developments with the AssetMantle project.

- 10/10 $MNTL token was listed on MEXC global; this marks the fourth centralized exchange listing for $MNTL in recent months, a sure sign of broadening adoption. You can view the MNTL/USDT pair on MEXC here: https://www.mexc.com/exchange/MNTL_USDT

- AssetMantle’s governance vote passed and raised the max validator cap from 55 to 65

- AssetMantle released their most recent foundation delegation report, this handy document highlights recent developments with AssetMantle delegation, including key statistics. You can read the information here:

🌐 https://blog.assetmantle.one/2022/10/21/assetmantle-foundation-delegation-report-q3-22/

- The following features and fixes were added to the MantlePlace :-
• Snack Bar Notifications
• Auto-Scroll
• UI/UX fixes

AssetMantle is always on the lookout for connecting with individuals or organizations who wish to take advantage of the opportunities in the blockchain space and want to learn more about AssetMantle. If you wish to get in touch, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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