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MantleLetter May 2022

MantleLetter May 2022

Subject: MantleLetter May 2022

Hey Mantlers! Here is the first monthly newsletter of AssetMantle.

Note From the Team

The Mantle team welcomes you to the first edition of the MantleLetter. MantleLetter is the official monthly newsletter of AssetMantle, which features and sums up all the recent happenings and developments in the AssetMantle community. It has been an eventful month for the Mantlers and has made some great strides in terms of adoption and development. As always, we appreciate your continuous support!

Unearthing Tech

The technical team at AssetMantle brought about several developments and is on track to meet the milestones mentioned in the roadmap.

The team successfully carried out the enabling of $MNTL Airdrop claim process for Osmosis Liquidity Providers, wherein 30 million Mantle tokens were distributed during the process.