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MantleLetter March 2023

MantleLetter March 2023

During March, MantlePlace operated smoothly and effectively, with the Mantler community patiently waiting for chain upgrades to the Secondary Marketplace operations. Additionally, MantlePlace Genesis creators held a flash sale exclusively for whitelist members of their community, where many people completed quests to receive complimentary NFTs, including some rare ones. The reward structure for Season 1 of AssetMantle's Crew3 quests was also unveiled, with two winners announced to kick off the Mantle Crew3 S1.
The Mantle team traveled to ETHDubai and co-hosted Cosmoverse in Dubai with Hypersign and Comdex. This provided opportunities for IRL web3 meet-ups within the cosmos ecosystem and the larger ecosystem, resulting in fruitful alliances and conceptual space for innovative ideas to flow through constructive collaboration. For example, Cosmonauts crossing paths at Cosmoverse enhanced the use cases of Decentralized Identities (DIDs) through synergies between industry KOLs from Hypersign and AssetMantle.

Furthermore, the $MNTL token of AssetMantle was listed on a new exchange - BitTrue, and $MNTL was made to flow across ecosystems with one click via Axelar's next-gen Squid Router, further enhancing inter-ecosystem liquidity.

Key Statistics

AssetMantle experienced substantial growth on Twitter, while Discord and Telegram showed steady progress. On-chain statistics also indicated consistent growth, with ecosystem transactions exceeding 7 million and over 1000 unique wallets added. Additionally, there were more than 2000 MantlePlace username signups, which suggests a healthy state of operations at the chain level overall.
Community Updates: