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MantleLetter June 2022

MantleLetter June 2022

June was another fantastic month for the AssetMantle team, even though the markets were volatile the Mantle development team & the 200+ creators that are working with them continued undeterred by market conditions. Amongst AssetMantle's major updates was the Mantleplace Devnet going live, a huge 2,000,000 MNTL in external incentives going live for pool 690 on Osmosis Dex & MNTL trending on CoinGecko.

In addition, AssetMantle onboarded multiple new validators & now has more than 93,000 unique wallet addresses & 3.5 Million transactions. AssetMantle's P2E Gaming grants also received a good response from the ecosystem. AssetMantle now has multiple gaming projects in the process of utilizing the gaming grants to kickstart their development.

Key Statistics 📈:

As you can clearly see from the numbers below as the Mantle mainnet has launched thousands of new Mantlers have been created as the community grows & thrives.

21.3k+ Twitter followers
5,000+ Mantlers on Telegram
10,000+ Mantlers on Discord
3,500,000+ Transactions on the AssetMantle chain
93,000+ Unique Wallets
50% Bonded ratio

Community Updates 🌏:

- 06/05 The Mantle team held an exciting Twitter-Spaces with Tankuniverse to discuss metaverse, NFTs, and how these connect together. If you missed it don’t worry you can still listen to the recording here!

- 06/06 AssetMantle OpenSea Airdrop claim went live, giving OpenSea users that filled specific criteria a great opportunity to try the AssetMantle chain, find more details at: www.Airdrop.assetmantle.one

- 06/07 AssetMantle organized a competition for content creators that wish to help their peers claim their OpenSea Mantledrop. Participants had to create tutorial videos helping OpenSea users claim their Airdrop, the most creative and useful videos were eligible to win one of the many prizes from the 20,000 $MNTL prize pool.

- 06/24 AssetMantle updated the community on it's incredible 140% Staking APY, check it out at www.stakingrewards.com/earn/asset-mantle

- 06/26 AssetMantle utilized the 2,000,000 MNTL in unclaimed Airdrop funds to provide external incentivization to Pool 690 On osmosis Dex the pool is composed of $MNTL & $OSMO. This led to pool 690 being amongst the top 3 pools by combined APR on Osmosis DEX.

You can check out the current APR here:
🌐 https://www.dexmos.app

Details at a glance:
🔸 Duration: 75 epochs

🔸 Total Rewards: 2.000.000 $MNTL

🔸 14D Bonding Period Rewards:  1.500.000 $MNTL

🔸 7D Bonding Period Rewards:  500.000 $MNTL

🔸 1D Bonding Period receives no external incentives

- 06/28 The Mantle team held a Discord hangout in conjunction with Tankuniverse.

- 06/28 In conjunction with the huge amount of external incentives provided to AssetMantle's Osmosis pool, the pre-vote Discussion for a governance proposal on matched incentives for pool 690 went live, join the discussion here!

- Via the Gaming grants program AssetMantle now has multiple gaming projects in the process of utilizing the gaming grants to kickstart their development.

- 06/29 AssetMantle's Governance proposal for matched incentives on Pool 690 went live! You can find the proposal here:
🌐 https://wallet.keplr.app/#/osmosis/governance?detailId=270

If this governance proposal passes, the 2,000,000 $MNTL in external rewards will be matched by internal rewards in $OSMO and begin the onboarding process.

- For much, of June MNTL was trending on CoinGecko, Cryptocrunch, Coinmarket, and Crypto.com. This shows the growing traction of the MNTL tokens within the crypto sphere.

Development & Integration updates ⚙️:

- 06/01 The Mantle team announced a strategic partnership with Droid capital. The Droid DAO collaboration will further create the infrastructure and toolings to provide strategic and funding support to mutually beneficial projects.

- 06/06 AssetMantle onboarded P2P as a validator. Welcome aboard P2P!  AssetMantle's network is stronger now you are helping to secure it. See  AssetMantle's full list of validators here: www.explorer.assetmantle.one/validators

- 06/09 AssetMantle released info on the InterNFT specification & how it will benefit our AssetMantle's users & NFT creators.

- The Mantle team has joined the ICS721 working group, which will support development & further enhance AssetMantle’s impact on the ecosystem.

- 06/22 Marked a momentous day for the Mantle team as they released the Mantleplace Devnet giving Mantlers their first look at how the NFT marketplace will function. Follow the links below so you can try it for yourself!

🔸 Try the Devnet here

🔸 Watch the tutorial

🔸 Read the blog

- 06/29 Forbole joined AssetMantle as a validator, welcome aboard Forbole, thank you for choosing to safeguard the AssetMantle chain. See  AssetMantle's full list of validators here: www.explorer.assetmantle.one/validators

- AssetMantle has also integrated with NHDAO for the purpose of the curation of the creators on MantlePlace, NHDAO will be providing strategic, community support and will help creators with fair launches.

With such a strong start to the year so far the AssetMantle team is committed to continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible in the NFT space. With the development & integrations side, in particular, heating up in June AssetMantle definitely had an action-packed month, just wait until you see what the Mantle team has in store for July

AssetMantle is always on the lookout for connecting with individuals or organizations who wish to take advantage of the opportunities present in the blockchain space and want to learn more about AssetMantle. If you wish to get in touch, please do not hesitate to reach out to us

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