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MantleLetter January 2023

MantleLetter January 2023

The Month of January saw the launch of the long-awaited MantlePlace platform, gaining over 40,000+ sign-ups within the first month. The Mantle team also combined forces with QuickSwap & Versa games to introduce MNTL tokens to the Polygon ecosystem. This cross-collaborative effort should bring more attention to AssetMantle within the Polygon ecosystem & open the door for future collaborations.
To read more about the launch of $MNTL on Polygon, check out the blog here!

In addition, AssetMantle's testnet underwent a significant upgrade from test-mantle-1 to test-mantle-2. The update upgrades the CosmosSDK version to 0.45.9 and the MantleModules version to v0.4.0, affecting the upgrades to MantleWallet and MantleExplorer.

AssetMantle also celebrated the launch of their virtual HQ in Decentraland, so be sure to pop in and meet the Mantle mascot MintE and play a bunch of games within Mantle HQ to win wearables and Mantle tokens. Read more on the Decentraland launch here!

Key Statistics 📈:

AssetMantle saw growth in the number of on-chain tractions, adding a further 700k transactions throughout January. In addition, the number of MantlePlace signups also rose sharply, potentially indicating a bright future for MantlePlace.

Community Updates 🌏:

- 01/05 AssetMantle held community call 15, discussing development updates with Mantlabs and the launch of the Mantleplace platform; listen here:

- 01/18 AssetMantle held community call 16, to transfer key knowledge and pointers to the Mantler's regarding MantlePlace Early Access, and other Dev Updates, listen here:

- 01/21 The Mantle team held a Twitter space with BuildersTribe to discuss the opportunities and drawbacks of building in a bear market. Listen to the recording here:
Development & Integration updates ⚙️:

- 01/09 AssetMantle partners with Buidlers Tribe, you can read more on the implications of the partnership here:

- 01/13 The Mantle team released the Quarter 4 update. This report highlighted the significant headway the Mantle team has made in the last three months.

🌐 Read the report here:

- 01/16 The early access for AssetyMantle’s genesis collections went live, check them out here: http://marketplace.assetmantle.one
- DopeSkulls and CosmoZombies sold out.

- 01/17 AssetMantle is on CREW3 incentivizing Mantlers with hefty rewards for quests completed with an elaborate leaderboard for tracking, to contest click here:
🌐 https://crew3.xyz/c/assetmantle/questboard

- 01/18 AssetMantle passed a community vote to retire another of its foundation nodes, see the vote here: https://www.mintscan.io/asset-mantle/proposals/3

Governance proposal three retired another genesis node, reducing the count to 2 and the number of active validators to 70.
1. Retired one more Foundation Node (At Genesis - 5, Current - 2)
2. Created the weekly tracker to look at the delegations
You can find out more details, including how to apply for foundation delegation here:

Following the increase in validator set:
1. New Validators on-boarded
a) Coinstamp
b) NodeJumper
c) blockhunters

2. Foundation Delegations Revisit and Redelegations done with target Bonded ratio of 69%

- 01/25 AssetMantle's testnet went through a significant upgrade from test-mantle-1 to test-mantle-2. The update bumps up the CosmosSDK version to 0.45.9 and the MantleModules version to v0.4.0.

Change Log for Testnet:
- MantleModules upgraded to v0.4.0 - introducing six novel modules on-chain.
- The modules have chain capabilities for NFTs (Asset Management), Identities & NFT DEX.
- The modules enhanced the utilities & modified the UI of MantleExplorer & MantleWallet

🌐 Testnet Explorer: https://testnet.explorer.assetmantle.one
🌐 Testnet Wallet: https://testnet.wallet.assetmantle.one
🌐 AssetMantle Modules: https://github.com/AssetMantle/modules

Read more here

MantleLabs Update 🧪 🥼 :

Updates from MantleLabs projects: -

1. Created a proprietary avatar system
2. Trade system developed
3. "Add a friend" and chat mechanism completed
4. UI/UX optimizations
5. Bug fixing in the trading system
6. integrating Web3 into the Metaverse environment.

1. The P2E game made massive strides by facilitating multi-region support across Europe, Singapore & India.
2. In-game Loot-function added
3. Vswap Wallet iOS app is completed - set to release

1. Designed final Tech-roadmap layout
2. Integrated BandProtocol oracle
3. The Inter-Blockchain Communications (IBC) on the Voting Module is almost finished, with completion scheduled for the next milestone
4. Testnet-2 announced.

1. The team won the BuidlForWeb3 hackathon via the building web3 ticketing framework on mantleChain, qualifying for grants via MantleLabs incubation to take the project forward
2. Built a system of Scan-attendance, Redeemable Framework, User-onboarding Framework & QR-code Security Mechanism
3. In the waning process of building a non-custodial wallet.

Are you building an exciting and value-driven, GameFi, Metaverse, Infrastructure Tooling, or a unique project, Apply for MantleGrants here:
🌐 https://grants.assetmantle.one/MantleGrants-Program-47e7af9b8b5c4ebfaf30fc005ade9656

AssetMantle is always on the lookout for connecting with individuals or organizations who wish to take advantage of the opportunities in the blockchain space and want to learn more about AssetMantle. If you wish to get in touch, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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