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MantleLetter December 2022

MantleLetter December 2022

MantleLetter: December
The Month of December saw development progress continue, specifically with the launch of MantleLabs, the product development hub empowering breakthrough concepts via milestone grants, marketing, and business development support. from MantleLabs. In addition, the Mantle team partnered with EVM & IBC compatible OKC Network.

This partnership aims to enable the following:
- MultiChain Asset transfer at a native level
- IBC Relayer setup
- Implementation of a Native $USDT bridge

December also saw a continuation in the increase in overall transactions, and the MantlePlace username registration gathered momentum.

Key Statistics 📈:

As you can see from the graphic below, several key metrics improved; in particular, AssetMantle saw growth in the number of on-chain tractions, which rose from 5.8 Million to over 6.2 Million. This increase in the on-chain metrics is a positive sign as the Mantle team moves closer to launching MantlePlace.

Community Updates 🌏:

- 12/02, The AssetMantle community became eligible for the Harbor community Airdrop; check out the details here!

- 12/1 Assetmantle team took part in ETHIndia at Bangalore, taking active community roles in various events

-12/2 AssetMantle co-sponsored India Blockchain Conclave (IBC) & the Mantle team (Naman) was one of the panelists

-12/4 On the waning hours of ETHIndia week, AssetMantle hosted a side event alongside Mirage & FanFury, which was graced by various web2 & web3 KOL’s, VC’s & CEO’s

🌐 https://twitter.com/AssetMantle/

- 12/12 AssetMantle Co-Founder Deepanshu Tripathy participated in a discussion on NFTs with OKX; you can listen to the discussion, “NFTs aren't dead, or are they?”  here:

🌐 https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1YqxoAOqDmMGv?s=20

- 12/21: The AssetMantle team airdropped a special season greetings NFT to all the username holders

Register your username here: 🌐 https://marketplace.assetmantle.one

Development & Integration updates ⚙️:

- 12/05: AssetMantle partnered with the OKC network.

This collaboration will enable the following:

- MultiChain Asset transfer at a native level

- IBC Relayer setup

- Implementation of a Native $USDT bridge

-19/12: AssetMantle partnered with Blockrelations.

The collaboration will enable the following:

- Bundle of 5 Web3 educational courses with special emphasis on AssetMantle & IBC ecosystem to be hosted at Boston, US

- Students who partake & complete the course will be rewarded via a learn-to-earn model, powered by a $MNTL pool & NFT whitelists for future drops

- Technical analysis report of AssetMantle’s on-chain data to be compiled by Block Relations
- Course completion certificates to be minted on Mantle chain

Leap Wallet was integrated with AssetMantle, The collaboration will imply the following:
- The interchain non-custodial wallet solutions for MantlePlace will be powered by Leap Wallet.
AssetMantle support is now live on Leap Wallet’s iOS & Android app. The following features are now accessible more swiftly.
🚨 Push Notifications
📈 Staking
💰 IBC transfers
📖 Governance

MantleLabs Update 🧪 🥼:

- 12/16: AssetMantle formalized the creation of MantleLabs:

Check out the update from the first set of MantleLabs projects:

1. MandeNetwork - A layer-1 utilizing a new algorithm called “Proof-of-Credibility.” Various updates: Testnet-2 implemented a Dynamic network constant x(t), Phase-wise updates are planned to be rolled out for EVM integration, DIDs along with CredX p2p Dapp, Lastly, Testnet - an incentivized Testnet, will be live from January 23 to June

2. RushRaids - Multiplayer Battle Royale P2E Game. (MantleLabs Tweet). Game’s API is at a completion rate of 80% & the related IOS wallet is ready for launch & the game is currently being tested by 10 testers.

3. Mirage - The next-gen Metaverse of Cosmos. Milestone 1 obtained that signified the completion of the Avatar, Trading & (in-game) Inventory system was integrated.

4. NFTix - NFT-based event ticketing platform were the winners of the LumosLabs BUIDL-2022 Hackathon. They have been progressing with the simpler user-flow for NFT ticketing on the Mantle chain.

5. Frontier Wallet - Secure Non-Custodial Wallet. Milestone 2 obtained - IOS implementation was completed, and Milestone 1 (Android implementation) is WIP with launch being scheduled in February.

6. Block Relations - leader in Education, Technology, Marketing, and Innovation in Web3 & are the latest addition to the MantleLabs, who will be hosting a bundle of web3 educational courses around AssetMantle & IBC ecosystem while incentivizing successful students for the same.

AssetMantle is always on the lookout for connecting with individuals or organizations who wish to take advantage of the opportunities in the blockchain space and want to learn more about AssetMantle. If you wish to get in touch, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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