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MantleLetter February 2023

MantleLetter February 2023

The Month of February saw development progress continue with more Genesis artists being added to the MantlePlace. AssetMantle and Comdex-based cSwap worked together to create an $MNTL-based dual-incentivized LP pool rewards and to crank cosmos-based liquidity with juicy LP rewards. These cross-collaboration efforts should bring AssetMantle more attention in different ecosystems and open the door to more collaborations in the future.

MantleWallet V2 was released with new features like Earn ($MNTL LP links across ecosystem), Community Voting on Wallet UI, and Ecosystem Bridging Facility (Ethereum and Polygon), all of which are powered by a new Mantle UI that is more user-friendly.

AssetMantle was also #1 on Decentraland since the Mantle HQ hosted a lot of Missions and Quests. With the integration of Leap Wallet and Frontier Wallet, liquidity provisioning across the Cosmos ecosystem was even more streamlined and spread out. Fun fact, AssetMantle is almost a year old & the mantleChain completed 7MN + Transactions marking a significant landmark of its web3-existence.

AssetMantle saw growth in the number of on-chain tractions, adding a further 7Mn+ transactions. Unique Wallets and MantlePlace name-claim also saw healthy growth at the same time frame.

Community Updates 🌏: